Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weathering the Heat Wave

We have spent the past few weekends working on this section of the yard. It started with a bluestone pathway leading from the front walk to the side yard. The stones are so nice to walk on. We made the path a little wavy, then tucked the plantings around it.
Using several of the big hostas that were here, we spread them out for an interesting mix of shapes and colors.
We mulched the whole thing and are calling it done for now. The heat wave with temps over 100, has meant that we are on a busy watering schedule. So far, everything is holding up.
And we are enjoying general approval from the neighbors.


Susan aka Suzula said...

Your front yard looks WONDERFUL!! A great improvement over grass, in my opinion...

aurorafedora said...

very nice. i'd love to do this with our yard!

Sherry said...

Wow, your yard looks awesome, I hope the heat is being kind to it!

Thanks for the tip about the bats and mosquitos, I'll remember it next time they are swooping low!