Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scaring the Neighbors

So, just to catch up - we bought this house 8 months ago. The former owner was a full time home gardener. We even heard reports of her mowing, weeding and digging at 11 at night! Our lovely property was planted and manicured from edge to edge. The above photo was taken just before she filled that circle with bountiful flowers in a pattern of pink and white. Seriously, when we met our new neighbors, each and every one said, "Oh, the house with all the gardens."
So, after spending the winter and spring on major indoor projects, we knew it was time to keep up with the yard. And yes, it is lovely, but we want to make it our style. So, I'm sorry, but we had to give the neighbors a real scare!
Yup, we ripped out the entire front lawn! Oh, and the shrubbery. We do have a plan. No, really.
The front will be filled with interesting plants and flowers that will show more of our creative nature. (Literally "creative nature!") The plan is to have things that will grow and thrive without constant watering and grooming. And a lot of what we're planting there is being moved from other parts of the yard where it's overcrowded. So, its recycling, actually.
We have planted small sections, so far, but a heat wave is keeping us waiting on moving forward.
I'm sure the neighbors are anxious to see what's next!


Susan aka Suzula said...

If I was your neighbor, it would scare ME!! What if you filled it with gravel or planted corn (or pot)! What if you blacktopped it! Oh, my!!
However, your plans sound WONDERFUL, and I know it will be perfect...

aurorafedora said...

neighbor schmaber! you do ya'own thang, girlfran'!!!
and i know it's gonna be gorgeous!