Thursday, April 1, 2010

Counter Culture

So it is week EIGHT of the kitchen renovation. Things are coming together now. We had about six weeks of tearing things out, one section at a time, so that we could use the kitchen as long as possible. That went ok, but was very messy and caused a mounting (or should I say "mountaining") accumulation of STUFF in the adjacent areas. We had to keep bringing stuff out of the parts that were being torn out every few days, and ran out of places to put it all.
But now that is done and we are beginning to put some of the stuff back in there. The floors are done. The new appliances are in and working, except for the dishwasher. We have cabinets in place, not all, but most of them. The soapstone is on order for the counters and sink. But, best of all, we have the custom reclaimed wood counter in place on the eating peninsula.
The peninsula, island, whatever you want to call it is something we knew we needed. When we put one in at the old house, it was so useful and perfect for our way of eating. So in this house, it was a part of the plan from the start.

We planned for a big counter and knew we wanted it to be topped with wood, comfortable to lean on and not cold like stone. We wanted an old wood with character, and hoped to find something reclaimed to "keep it green." I kept my eyes open on Craigslist and it finally paid off. I found a craftsman who was able to get his hands on some beautiful old chestnut beams from a 300 year old barn in Princeton, NJ - not far from here. And this craftsman, Josh has a similar aesthetic sense to ours, so we were able to "get on the same wavelength" right away.
And now it is done! It is the counter of our dreams, if we were going to dream about counters. It has style and presence and it has character and age. It even has wormholes. And it turns out, we love wormholes!

It looks great now, just imagine how perfect it will be when everything surrounding it is done.


aurorafedora said...

haha great title and great-looking counter! i know i am going to love your kitchen!

Susan aka Suzula said...

Such a perfect piece of wood!!!
Love the counter, and can't wait to see "the rest of the story"...