Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Paper Trail

Home renovation can be a bit like an archeological dig. You make discoveries about past life in the region as you remove the layers built up over time. Here's what we've been discovering about our house.

Sometime around the 1930s the owners decided to spiff up the kitchen with this pinky-peach paper decorated with little patterns in tan or gold. It gave the room a real lift after 30 years of use. Those folks were looking for a soothing mood in the kitchen.

Around 1955-1960, the family that lived here chose this trendy paper with "early American" motifs, in the up-to-date colors of turquoise, salmon and olive green. This time we got a homey warm feel.

Late 60s or early 70s, it seems there was a shift to the earthy, Asian style of this paper covered in ferns on a bamboo lattice. And of course there was orange! A hippie chic tone!

Then we have the look that welcomed us when we moved in. This paper needs no introduction - its mauve and grey tones are quintessential 1980s. It's had a good run -- time to say goodbye!

I almost wish we were planning wallpaper in our design, just to carry on the tradition!


aurorafedora said...

hahaha i love your history lesson! that kitchen could use a wallpaper rest, good for you!

Susan aka Suzula said...

Love this stroll through wallpaper history...